Monday, July 06, 2009

no tym to waste ma lyf ne more

Hiii everyone.. this might b ma last blog post.. u must b thinking why em saying this...being addicted to ol social netwroking websites n this blog,, i couldnt concentrate on ma studies including preparation for the CAT n other MBA entrance's a habitual to me dat wenever i work on computer even for some project n assingment,,i first log-in ol ma profiles (orkut, facebook and blogger n yahoo profile too) u can c,,i neva give tym to ma studies properly..but nw its enuf...n enuf means enuf..,i hv to do sumthing to stay from it...n yes em doin it... From july 07' 2009.. i wont cum onlyn..u cant c me onlyn ne yeahh,,,if u want to contact me,,den u can either on ma cell or on ma yahoo profile or yahoo messenger...coz i need atleast a email id for other works n ol...n btw,,, dnt wori dt,,,i il return to ol ma profiles n blogger after 4-5 months...not a big tym to mis me..

They are not criminals any more...

377 Article

In recent news, besides budget of second session of UPA government, this article of Indian Law was in news. Because a court session of two judges in Delhi High Court declared to decriminalize the Gays, Lesbians and Bisexual couple marriages. Now, Gays and Lesbians are free to move. They have all same rights as other people have in India. Personally, I liked the order of court. Many people are opposing it. But its a person's own way of living a life. 
On reading alot on this Law, i got that before this law, during mughal times and even more earlier, there was no restriction on this kind of sexual attraction. But during British Rule, a Law made it totally criminal act as stated in the law "against the nature". It is very interesting to say that British Government later on around 1970 removed this law from its own Law Book.
Many religious monks are against decriminalization. According to them, it is totally against the nature. They say this would increase the chance of spreading AIDS. Those who do not know about sex, who are BRAHAMCHARI, ho can they say about it. They are again restricting the freedom of a person. I really do not like these kind of people. 
Well, my take on this is now LGBT are free to move any where. It's their own choice and we should not interfere in between. It's thier way of expressing the love. I hope the INDIAN PARLIAMENT also decriminalize this law. 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Racism:: being indian in india z shame...

Referring to the articles(story) in recent Hindustan Times::

I don't know about the world. But its true that in our country, if a person coming from the north east part of India, he/she is called as chinki or even bahadur. One more fact, its quit difficult for Muslims to live in the country. They are sometimes treated as strangers. Why..Why do we do this ?? Its really a shame for us. When Indians are attacked outside, we are totally against it. But why don't we look it in the same way at home.

The biggest problem, what I think, is we have divided the country into several parts, which we basically call as states. States are made to ease the job of the Prime Minister. but not to look at own people differently. People in the capital are generally stay away from the people from Kashmir, North- Eastern part and Southern Part. People from Kashmir are more treated as Outsiders, generally from the Pakistan. Does it make any sense? Being a citizen of the country, every person is free to move anywhere. But why people from Kashmir State are not treated as same from their own country. Look at example of a woman who came from Kashmir for higher studies in Delhi. She was living as PG. But soon, she was refused to live there anymore because she from Kashmir State.

Muslims are also treated as the same strange as people from the Kashmir. Why Islam and Christian are in low
religion category? What I have found in categorizing the people on the basis of caste and religion, we have divided the country into more larger parts. The government should have demolished these categorizing in the country. I don't know why are still people carrying the label of ST/SC/OBC/MUSLIM/GENERAL. Every where we can find this labellings.

Young child, who does not know the meaning of any religion or caste, knows who would have bombed the city. He know SC/ST get reservations. On this basis he also starts judging his friends and also misbehave with his friends. From his childhood, he gets every thing in heritage. But who teach him all these things? It's not strange, if a young boy says," mom, musalmano ko fansi laga deni chahiye." I think we ,as a very responsible citizen of the nation, should not let young children to judge the world on the basis of religion or caste.

North and South Campus of Delhi is filled with lots of students from north eastern part of the country. They shift to the Capital so as to be a good human being. But why do they always interact with a person from their own place. Is it language problem or something else ? May be because of language, some could not interact with others. But rest of them don't ask for help from other because of the non- trust.

The story of racism does not ends here only. Every one of us likes South Indian food. We generally call a person from south as Anna or even Madrasi. It is right to say if two person from same state meet, they would have start chatting in their mother tongue. But that does not give us any right to call them from their state name like Mullu, Madrasi, etc. Stop saying these things as if they are not Indians.

Fair and Lovely, fairever, fair and handsome, and many more fairness creams daily advertise on TV channels to attract people to buy the product. Don't you think these products are also advertising Color Racism. What is the harm if a person has a darker color ? Most of children avoid friendship with a person with Darker Color.

Well, i think we should first change ourselves then we can only comment on others. Obviously, we have to work to change the perspective of coming generation. Lets make the change because we are INDIANS. No more Bahadurs, Chinkis, Madrasis, Mallus or Muslims or etc etc...Just Indians.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Loss of team India in T20

On sunday,,late night around 1.30 am in India..

Everyone was sticking to idiot box or to radio(AIR). The situation was kind of nail biting on the pitch of England Ground. It was the do or die situation for both the teams. The match was between India and England in the race of T20 World Cup 2009. After few minutes, the result was declared. India could not score 154 to win the match. The Indian dressing room was totally upset. The Indian crowd was alomost gone berserk. They could not believe their eyes. The Defending Champions of T20 World Cup is out of the league. They could not even make to semi finals this time.

Next morning, all news channels and almost all the leading news papers of the nation started blaming many things for the loss. Every person either reading the newspaper or on his way to office, school or college were talking about the match. There were blames for the loss more than the other facts. Each person was blaming the Indian Captain. Experts on news channels blamed the batting order. Many blamed the tiredness of players of the team. Some even again talked about the increasing number of advertisements endorsed by the players. n blah blah blah...yaar ye cricketer log kab samanjhenge...why don't they concentrate on cricket only ???.

Every radio channel was also talking about the match. They were asking the views from public about the match ,and again everyone was blaming the team performance. No one was satisfied with the skipper's captainancy. The same public, i am sure, now will burn putla of the players, speacially of the skipper. Some might even go beyond this. Arey han, i forgot to tell even some people blammed the team that they play for the money. Some blamed the darker color of the dress, newly designed to show the aggresive image of the team.

But the fact is most of the people were also right. Blame on Indian skipper is true. The skipper did not tried enough to win the match. Also the attitude of the defending champians was not upto the mark. I dont know what was going on in players's minds, but it must be not the attitude of winning the match. The skipper did not performed to the expectations in the matches. Against the team West Indies, he just scored 10 from 22 balls. Out of the top four batsmen, only Gautam was playing at his position and that made the others performance also down. Gautam and Yuvraj played as per the expectation. But what about the other players ??.

As per the records so far, in the 17 T20 internationals India have played, they have only lost twice batting second. Was the loss of team India is because of absence of Sehwag ? I agree the fact that a team can either loss or win. Every team has to face the loss but the attitude of the players in the field was not upto the mark.

The skipper's words after the loss in press confrence, "we are sorry for what haapened... India is an emotional country. We are more disappointed than them. If a cricketer says he did not perform because he was tired, it is an excuse. You can't blame it on tiredness. The more you play, the better you get. "

Then why did India loss the match ? The answer yet to be answered...

This is the Hieght of Life....

Its 16th 2dae,,2-3 days back,,she,,msgd d messege it wz written "dis z d hieght f lyf"..wid dat only i got d idea,,,der must b sumthing wrong happened...wrong dnt take it nything really z actually,,she passed her interview,, bt she cant go n get admission..yeahh,,obviously,,der z sum i think em nt suppposed to write the reason here..its situation where she z bit happy cant enjoy her happines..der was a tym,,wen her smile makes me happy,,,her smile z kinda charger 2 me..a very sweet n big smile..n nw,,d situation made her very tensed person...i really hate GOD..why,,why IT created such situations for her..dt even knw can b solution 4 her lyf,,,
bt i cant even go nywhere else...GOD cn only help her...she z tryin to b strong alot,,,bt situations r nt allowing her,,,plz GOD plz,,help her,,,

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Entry::Ma 1st Entry

its late night in Delhi,,,bt for me its kinda new entry to is ma 1st post on this new blog..i dnt know wat to write over still em juz pressing buttons on ma keyboards..seriously,,i hv many such things laying on net..i jz wanted to delete ol des things..its really a tidy thing to open as many accounts or profile on different websites..

i knw a bit abt des blogs but to be true its quit different from oder profiles..i mean frm social networking websites lyk orkut or facebook...damn,,i hv even ma account on myspace and tag..even,,useless and time consuming jobs i do..i wish i wud delete ol des accounts..really,,bt d problem z i hv also forgotten ma ol passwords...may b i shud try to remember ol d passwords n move on to " account delete" job..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Maula Mere

na ganga me pani kum,

na haj me wo dum,
or na hi church me jhooth se sharm.
maula mere,
kalyug k satyawadi hi jhoothe,
abke ravan hi ram bane.

na paap dhule mandir me,
na gyan mile maszid me,
or na confesion hoga ab church me.
maula mere,
kalyug ke satyawadi hi jhoothe,
abke ravan hi ram bane.
maula mere,
tu bhi bika hai bazaar me,
jahan bikta hai imaan thok me.

" dekh tere insaan ki halaat ,
kyo ho gai bhagwan.
kitna badal gaya insaan.
suraj na badla,chanda na badla,
na badla ye nila asmaan,
kitna badal gaya insaan.."

pathar pe hai vishvas,
afvaho pe hai andhwishwas,
par nahi koi ab insaan pe vishwas.
maula mere,
chamatkaar ka ye pyasa,
yehi hai tujhse asha..
maula mere,
kalyug ke satyawadi hi jhoothe,
abke ravan hi ram bane..