Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is the Hieght of Life....

Its 16th 2dae,,2-3 days back,,she,,msgd me..in d messege it wz written "dis z d hieght f lyf"..wid dat only i got d idea,,,der must b sumthing wrong happened...wrong dnt take it nything really bad...it z actually,,she passed her interview,, bt she cant go n get admission..yeahh,,obviously,,der z sum reason..bt i think em nt suppposed to write the reason here..its situation where she z bit happy also...bt cant enjoy her happines..der was a tym,,wen her smile makes me happy,,,her smile z kinda charger 2 me..a very sweet n big smile..n nw,,d situation made her very tensed person...i really hate GOD..why,,why IT created such situations for her..dt even knw can b solution 4 her lyf,,,
bt i cant even go nywhere else...GOD cn only help her...she z tryin to b strong alot,,,bt situations r nt allowing her,,,plz GOD plz,,help her,,,