Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Loss of team India in T20

On sunday,,late night around 1.30 am in India..

Everyone was sticking to idiot box or to radio(AIR). The situation was kind of nail biting on the pitch of England Ground. It was the do or die situation for both the teams. The match was between India and England in the race of T20 World Cup 2009. After few minutes, the result was declared. India could not score 154 to win the match. The Indian dressing room was totally upset. The Indian crowd was alomost gone berserk. They could not believe their eyes. The Defending Champions of T20 World Cup is out of the league. They could not even make to semi finals this time.

Next morning, all news channels and almost all the leading news papers of the nation started blaming many things for the loss. Every person either reading the newspaper or on his way to office, school or college were talking about the match. There were blames for the loss more than the other facts. Each person was blaming the Indian Captain. Experts on news channels blamed the batting order. Many blamed the tiredness of players of the team. Some even again talked about the increasing number of advertisements endorsed by the players. n blah blah blah...yaar ye cricketer log kab samanjhenge...why don't they concentrate on cricket only ???.

Every radio channel was also talking about the match. They were asking the views from public about the match ,and again everyone was blaming the team performance. No one was satisfied with the skipper's captainancy. The same public, i am sure, now will burn putla of the players, speacially of the skipper. Some might even go beyond this. Arey han, i forgot to tell even some people blammed the team that they play for the money. Some blamed the darker color of the dress, newly designed to show the aggresive image of the team.

But the fact is most of the people were also right. Blame on Indian skipper is true. The skipper did not tried enough to win the match. Also the attitude of the defending champians was not upto the mark. I dont know what was going on in players's minds, but it must be not the attitude of winning the match. The skipper did not performed to the expectations in the matches. Against the team West Indies, he just scored 10 from 22 balls. Out of the top four batsmen, only Gautam was playing at his position and that made the others performance also down. Gautam and Yuvraj played as per the expectation. But what about the other players ??.

As per the records so far, in the 17 T20 internationals India have played, they have only lost twice batting second. Was the loss of team India is because of absence of Sehwag ? I agree the fact that a team can either loss or win. Every team has to face the loss but the attitude of the players in the field was not upto the mark.

The skipper's words after the loss in press confrence, "we are sorry for what haapened... India is an emotional country. We are more disappointed than them. If a cricketer says he did not perform because he was tired, it is an excuse. You can't blame it on tiredness. The more you play, the better you get. "

Then why did India loss the match ? The answer yet to be answered...