Monday, June 15, 2009

New Entry::Ma 1st Entry

its late night in Delhi,,,bt for me its kinda new entry to is ma 1st post on this new blog..i dnt know wat to write over still em juz pressing buttons on ma keyboards..seriously,,i hv many such things laying on net..i jz wanted to delete ol des things..its really a tidy thing to open as many accounts or profile on different websites..

i knw a bit abt des blogs but to be true its quit different from oder profiles..i mean frm social networking websites lyk orkut or facebook...damn,,i hv even ma account on myspace and tag..even,,useless and time consuming jobs i do..i wish i wud delete ol des accounts..really,,bt d problem z i hv also forgotten ma ol passwords...may b i shud try to remember ol d passwords n move on to " account delete" job..