Friday, June 19, 2009

Racism:: being indian in india z shame...

Referring to the articles(story) in recent Hindustan Times::

I don't know about the world. But its true that in our country, if a person coming from the north east part of India, he/she is called as chinki or even bahadur. One more fact, its quit difficult for Muslims to live in the country. They are sometimes treated as strangers. Why..Why do we do this ?? Its really a shame for us. When Indians are attacked outside, we are totally against it. But why don't we look it in the same way at home.

The biggest problem, what I think, is we have divided the country into several parts, which we basically call as states. States are made to ease the job of the Prime Minister. but not to look at own people differently. People in the capital are generally stay away from the people from Kashmir, North- Eastern part and Southern Part. People from Kashmir are more treated as Outsiders, generally from the Pakistan. Does it make any sense? Being a citizen of the country, every person is free to move anywhere. But why people from Kashmir State are not treated as same from their own country. Look at example of a woman who came from Kashmir for higher studies in Delhi. She was living as PG. But soon, she was refused to live there anymore because she from Kashmir State.

Muslims are also treated as the same strange as people from the Kashmir. Why Islam and Christian are in low
religion category? What I have found in categorizing the people on the basis of caste and religion, we have divided the country into more larger parts. The government should have demolished these categorizing in the country. I don't know why are still people carrying the label of ST/SC/OBC/MUSLIM/GENERAL. Every where we can find this labellings.

Young child, who does not know the meaning of any religion or caste, knows who would have bombed the city. He know SC/ST get reservations. On this basis he also starts judging his friends and also misbehave with his friends. From his childhood, he gets every thing in heritage. But who teach him all these things? It's not strange, if a young boy says," mom, musalmano ko fansi laga deni chahiye." I think we ,as a very responsible citizen of the nation, should not let young children to judge the world on the basis of religion or caste.

North and South Campus of Delhi is filled with lots of students from north eastern part of the country. They shift to the Capital so as to be a good human being. But why do they always interact with a person from their own place. Is it language problem or something else ? May be because of language, some could not interact with others. But rest of them don't ask for help from other because of the non- trust.

The story of racism does not ends here only. Every one of us likes South Indian food. We generally call a person from south as Anna or even Madrasi. It is right to say if two person from same state meet, they would have start chatting in their mother tongue. But that does not give us any right to call them from their state name like Mullu, Madrasi, etc. Stop saying these things as if they are not Indians.

Fair and Lovely, fairever, fair and handsome, and many more fairness creams daily advertise on TV channels to attract people to buy the product. Don't you think these products are also advertising Color Racism. What is the harm if a person has a darker color ? Most of children avoid friendship with a person with Darker Color.

Well, i think we should first change ourselves then we can only comment on others. Obviously, we have to work to change the perspective of coming generation. Lets make the change because we are INDIANS. No more Bahadurs, Chinkis, Madrasis, Mallus or Muslims or etc etc...Just Indians.