Monday, July 06, 2009

no tym to waste ma lyf ne more

Hiii everyone.. this might b ma last blog post.. u must b thinking why em saying this...being addicted to ol social netwroking websites n this blog,, i couldnt concentrate on ma studies including preparation for the CAT n other MBA entrance's a habitual to me dat wenever i work on computer even for some project n assingment,,i first log-in ol ma profiles (orkut, facebook and blogger n yahoo profile too) u can c,,i neva give tym to ma studies properly..but nw its enuf...n enuf means enuf..,i hv to do sumthing to stay from it...n yes em doin it... From july 07' 2009.. i wont cum onlyn..u cant c me onlyn ne yeahh,,,if u want to contact me,,den u can either on ma cell or on ma yahoo profile or yahoo messenger...coz i need atleast a email id for other works n ol...n btw,,, dnt wori dt,,,i il return to ol ma profiles n blogger after 4-5 months...not a big tym to mis me..