Sunday, January 31, 2010

A call led to Skirmish

It was like any other day. Sunny day outside even in such cold weather. One can enjoy the day with the bath of sun on one side and cool breeze on other. But a call from Hardik changed my day. The call did not bring any horrible or good news. But it led to a strange skirmish between me and dad for the first time. He was sitting in my study room, reading the same stories of the newspaper with lots of politics, muggers and murders, when i picked the call.

"Hey, what's up ?" i said when i picked the call.

"Hey Rachit. nothing much. When will you reach College? I am already here." Hardik said.

"But, i think we have our class at 2. What are you doing there?" i asked another question as i was confused too.

He said, "Don't waste your time in talking with me. Come fast. We will have some band practice over here."

"Okay, i will be there in few minutes" i said and cut the call.

The moment i cut the call, dad was staring at me. He was listening to each and every word i was saying to Hardik. Though he did not know who is on the other side, whether a girl or a boy. But that was not the reason why was he staring straight at me. He suddenly put his most interesting daily story magazine aside and stoop up. I knew he would ask something and yes he stoop up to my expectations.

"Who had called you?" he asked, so as to take on the talk.

"Hardik. I hope you remember him." i replied annoyingly. Well, may be this could have led him burn himself. But no it was not this.

"Yeah, i know him." he said. " I hope you are not going now. I'm sure you don't have anything important to do there in college." He said further.

"Well, not exactly. But i have to be there in the college now. So, can i leave now if you have done with your interrogation?" i don't know why did i say this, but now i can not take my words back. And this led to blast of dad's volcano.

"What do you mean?" he shouted controlling his anger.

"Dad, I just want to go now. Can i leave" i replied calmly. I was scared too and i confess i am scared of my dad.

"So, you don't have time for the family. I never thought of this day." now he is really shouting.

"Dad, please i don't want to talk about all this now."

"Yeah, now we should not talk about anything." he was saying this while trying to control water to roll down from his eyes.

"We have given you everything and now today you are avoiding us." he continued.

I can say when you are not avoiding anything, this world will slowly take you on the tracks of avoiding. And this time, i am just trying to escape from this talk. I have not talked to him like this before.

"Now, please don't start any kind of emotional blackmailing." i again replied in a strange manner.

"Shut up Rachit. Now you are crossing your limits." he roared.

"Why should i shut up? I have not done anything wrong. Actually, you never want your son to stand on his own." i said. "Have you ever realized your son does not require any material thing. He needs just your support in life. You let me down whenever i tried to do myself. You know what; whenever you are around, i prefer to leave that particular surrounding immediately." i continued.

"I'm not finished yet. Tell me one thing how much time have you spend with me so far. I know you never have calculated it. But i'm sure you have calculated how much money you have spent on me since my birth and how much I will return you when i get into the corporate world." i was shouting on him like hell.

and suddenly, i controlled my emotions. May be this time i realized i am shouting on my GOD, and this led my eyes to roll down few drops. Dad was standing there only, without any movement. He was in shock.

"Dad, do you know i am a poet and a writer too? do you know i am in a rock band? I'm sorry to say, you have got a manager son, but lost your real son. Bye Dad, i will get late from college." as i finished, i opened the door and moved out for the college with my bag.

Sometime, these conversation really vanish the wall between you and your loved one. I did not know what will happen next, but I was pretty sure everything will change from now on.

Note: may be continued.
Characters: Rachit Gupta, His father Parveen Kr. Gupta and His friend Hardik Sareen.