Monday, March 01, 2010

A call led to Skirmish - Part 3

"Who is there? Wait, I'm coming." said a voice of a lady, aged around 42 years and it was similar to my mom's voice.

"Yes, she is back from Panchkula." Di said to me.

Mom opened the door. The house was different. Obviously, everything was properly arranged. I and Di greeted mom and touched her feet. She blessed us and hugged us.

"So, how was your trip mom? How is everyone there, mama, mami, Priya, nani, and all other?" I asked her.

"Everyone is fine. I'ill tell you both everything, but before that get fresh and dinner is also ready." she replied.

I moved to my study room. The room had three tables: one totally filled with books, second was occupied by computer or I can say my second home and last was covered by few books. Scattered here and there on table. I threw my bag to the corner. While going through my table arrangement, I saw a note on it. Without any fear, I just picked it up. It was signed by my dad.

"Dear Rachit,
I know I don't know much about you. But to know more about you, don't you think we should talk often. There is something missing between us. I did not tell anything about today's incident to your mom and I'm sure, even you will not. I will come late tonight. I hope next time we both will talk like good friends.

Your Father
Parveen Kr. Gupta"

I was clueless after reading the letter. I was standing with the letter in my hand and suddenly, someone dared to enter my study room. I folded the letter and turned around.

"Phew, It's you Di. You scared me." I said.

"Ya, It's me. You are scared as if you were doing something wrong." she asked.

"Arey nahi, I was not doing anything."

"OK, mom is calling for dinner. She cooked your favorite dish. Hurry up."

We moved upstairs. The stairs at home are in round and made of iron. One need to be careful while going through it. Though I ran through the stairs without caring about it, but I did not want to eat much. It was not because of chaat papri, but the fear that letter had created in me.

"Mumma, when will dad come?" I asked.

"He will get late today. He has to go to get a Pendent Set ready by tomorrow's evening." she replied.

"So, has he gone to Sundar Karigar's Place" I asked further.

"No, he has gone to Arsaad Karigar who live at Tri Nagar." she said. "Now, no more questions and eat your food."

"I don't want to eat much. Get me only 2 Chapatis." I was not able to gulp even a single bite. But still I had to because of mother.

"Why? Is there anything wrong in the food?"

"No, the food is fine. But I already had Chaat Papri with Di at BTW."

"You should not have at dinner time." she said and started making chapatis.

Meanwhile, Di also came and she started talking to Mom. In two ladies talk, I preferred to escape and concentrate more on up coming future. Di and Mom were talking about the Mom's trip.

"Today, your dad was not in good mood. He was deeply involved in something. Something was eating his mind." I heard when Mom asked this from Di. "Had Rachit again argued with your dad?"

I immediately finished my food and moved from there. When I entered my bed room, I heard my mobile ringing. It was Meera's call. She usually never call me at this time.

"Hello, sweat heart." she said in her sweat childish voice.

"Hi dear. How are you? You seems happy today." I said

"I'm fine. And I got promotion. I'm going to Bangaluru tomorrow."

"You are going to Bangaluru tomorrow. Is that a good news?" I asked in anger.

"Rachit" she said like a horrified kid. "Baby, I'ill be back by Thursday."

"Thursday? That means after 3 days. What would I do by then?" I asked.

"You never said me like this before. What's the matter?"

"Oh shit, She has sensed the problem." said my inner voice.

"Did you again argued with your dad? Give your phone to Mehak Di." Mehak Di and Meera know each other very well.

"I will tell you everything later. Right now, you should think about your new job and by the way, what will you get for me from there?"

After talking with her for almost one hour, my fear had partially disappeared. The half of the fear was still killing me. So I went to sleep. Sleeping is the world's best option to escape from anything. But this fear never leave you alone. It even follows you in your dreams.

I was in sound sleep and suddenly, I heard a voice of dad. At first incident, I thought it was in my dream. But soon I realised that he was saying something to mom. I stood up and went up to my parents room. I tried to hear.

"You know what... Your son... wanted to be wrrriter..." he said as he was drunk. I heard him like this for the first time. With no delay, I ran to my room.

"huh..." I immediately got up from the bed. I started looking around the room. My eyes stopped at Wall Clock. It was showing 8.30 in the morning. All that I heard last night must be a nightmare. Should I move out and see.

Note: May be continue
New Characters: Rachit's Mom Sangeeta Gupta and His Girl Friend Meera Khanna