Saturday, March 27, 2010

He was calling her Appi...

"Raajuuu... Get up." she was shouting while cleaning up our one room Jhuggi near Keshav Puram and Wazirpur.

The condition of destitute in Delhi is not much miserable as it was in "Slumdog Crorepati." May be that was Salim's view.

"Bapu gaya."I asked Maa. He pulls rickshaw in Keshav Puram. Lord Krishna has said in Bhagwad Gita that no job is bad. But a rickshaw puller is not treated as any other hard worker, who tries to earn money to keep his kitchen fire burning.

"Arey, he has gone on work. Today, you won't get anything to eat, unless your Bapu comes back with some earnings or food. Rashan khatam hai." she replied.

Well, that means another day without food, not a new one in this life. But this means I had to go out and look for some work, so that I won't think of food.

It was Sunday. So, Sunday means more people visiting the mall. I moved out from my Jhuggi and called Rajesh.

"Rajesh, lets go out for some masti." I said.

He lives in adjacent Jhuggi. He loves to wander in Mall. Although we are not allowed to enter the Malls, but we still have some place to wander.

"Chal." he replied.

"Maa, I' m going out." I informed Maa.

The moment she gave permission, we rushed towards the Wazirpur Bus Stop. It was empty today. May be because of no school.

We reached at Bikanerwala. I have seen lots of food stuff there in its counters. Whenever I look at them, I see same food stuff . Plates filled with lots of Mithais, Mevas and other sweets, as if no one come to eat them.

Rajesh went near to a couple, sitting on the stairs outside the shop. He always love to see the couples as he sees hero and heroin in films.

"Bhaiya, ye apki Girl Friend hai na!" he asked the boy.

"Huh...haan. Achchi hai na." boy replied with a smile.

"Didi, leave this guy, I saw him with other girl that day." Rajesh said.

Oh damn!, what was he saying to her? I had no idea about it.

That girl was pretty. She was wearing a suit. She had a little hint of roose on her chicks, otherwise no makeup like other girls who look horrifying after makeup. But why did Rajesh say this to her.

"Meera, don't listen to him. You know these people." That guy said to her. He was sweating as well. May be because of the hot weather.

"Excuse me, how do I know him. I think you know him, that's why you are sweating?" she said.

"Common dear." he started convincing her. "Oye tu kya dekh raha hai. Chal bhag yahan se." he said rudely.

"Haan haan. Thik hai, jata hun. Sala, B*&%$ C@#*d." Rajesh replied and ran from there. I followed him.

I had few questions in my mind. Why did he say this? Had he really seen that guy with another girl or had he played a prank?

He stopped at cinema hall. Prince told me many times, that he had seen couples smooching behind the theatre's building.

"Oye, Rajesh, what was that? Why did you say that? Had you really seen him?" I asked all my questions at one go, even though my heart was beating faster.

"It was nothing. By the way, maza aaya na."he replied and started laughing.


"Arey, I had seen him with a girl and I even went to them for some money. He was calling her 'Appi'."