Thursday, June 03, 2010

In just two days

Last Friday (28th May'10), I got free from my final graduation exams. It was nostalgic feeling. We all were together for the last time. But this post is not dedicated to my three years of college, which I can't forget my whole life. The post is more about after college, particularly 2-3 days just after completing your college. Although, its a very short period to think about what next.

I just got bore with in 2 days after college. But I have to work more on my future, as score I have in my graduation won't ensure a secured future. Every day, when I look up into my dad's eyes, I feel ashamed that I couldn't feel him proud of me. I could not do best in my score.

Can I be a writer or a poet or as per my dad, should I be a manager in a big MNC. I have no idea. Its ridiculous that even GOD remain silent on this question for me, I don't know about others. There are options, but then there is also hard work. My friend Mayur said once, "work hard on any stage, you will be benefited for your rest of the life." I think I should work now. Its now or never.