Monday, June 28, 2010

Evening Joggers

It was 6 in the evening, when Armaan saw a pair of new Reebok Joggers shoes. The pair was white in color with some green patches on it. Armaan was surprised to see them, and he immediately asked his mom, "mamma, mamma, whose shoes is this? They seem to be of my size."

" Yeah, it is of your size. And it's gift from your Dad for you." she replied.

"Oh really, Thank you mamma." he said and his mom smiled back. He knew why did his dad gift him new shoes. Armaan has cleared FMS written as well as personal interview. Now, it was time to submit fees and do other job administrative work, but his dad had gifted him new pair of shoe before all process completes.

He picked the pair and was looking it from every angle. After a minute thought, he wore the shoes and picked his phone and ear phones. He was thinking of something which he never did before.

"Mamma, I'm going for jog. I' ill be back by 7.30." He said to his mother.

His mother was amazed, but she was happy that her son was going out for jog for sometime. She allowed him to go and closed the door after he moved out. She could not believe it. Armaan used to go to play in evening, but in last one year he coudl not get time go out.

Armaan entered the park from the back gate, which provides enough space to enter the park. With his earphones in his ears, he started jogging. The birds were chirping around, and the sun was busy going to other side of the earth. The leaves were falling on the path. People were walking or jogging.

He crossed five highly experienced men. They were talking about current happening in the city and local, sitting under the tree. Today, their words worth a lot. They know what they have experienced out of their office, and their personal life.

"Did you hear about the triple murder case in Ashok Vihar? How can these people do that?" one asked.

"There is not such things in my pind, Mogga." said one old Sikh, wearing orange colour turban.

The park was full of people.There were families, came for a walk. Children were playing in the ground. Some were with their grand parents. Armaan never had gone for a jog before like this.While running, he was looking around. He felt bad and he was thinking why did n't he go for such jog before.