Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's the way He treats me.

On 2nd February, I was happy on that day. There were two reasons for that, one it was my Lisha Appi's birthday and second because I had cleared NIFT MFM written entrance exam and Appi also cleared it. Now, its time for rejoice. I got something to make my family feel happy after some really bad results in other MBA entrance exams. But then another tension born in my mind, the fear of facing the interview panel. Although, the panel won't bite me, but they embarrass you if I won't answer as per them.

At around 6, I reached home after celebrating Appi's so called surprise party. I told mom about my result. She was happy, but didn't show it. She was rather made a usual expression, and said "okay". Her reaction was not good enough to be happy about. I ignored her this reaction, may be she was tired because of house work. I hoped she would talk about it later again.

I assumed that she would tell about NIFT to dad, but my assumption was wrong as dad didn't even utter NIFT word (may be she had told about it to him) till I got letter from NIFT, declaring the fact that I have cleared it. Because of his this type of attitude towards me, I always feel that he is not concerned with what I want in life. He is more old family drama flick's father, who want his son to be part of his business and I am that bad son who ultimately turns out to be a villian in the Movie.

Never mind, lets just leave this topic for now. I don't know what has he planned for me. Moreover, I can n't ever understand his mindset.