Sunday, August 15, 2010

You need to be mature

"There is something in your writing. You are kind of fresh. I find some maturity in your Writing. But you still are a type of child and you need to understand that you are not serious about your life."

Last Monday, one of my friend said me all these words like a wiser man. He usually does not and there was a truth in it. I never have noticed it before. He even did not provide me any example from my own life. May be he knew, I would make up weird face there only. But later on, I thought about it for a while am I really a immature.

Though I kept thinking about this for the whole day and even more, but I was not aware of the situations when I behave like a kid. It was really torture when a person say you are still a kid in your life. Yes, it was for me, till the night when I had a dream or a nightmare. I don't remember exactly how I landed there (obviously, you can't ever figure out about it, thanks to Inception). The dream was more about the life without childish behavior.

F1 to me: You have strong hand in writing. I mean you are mature and fresh at it.
I: Thank you bhai.
F1: But you need to understand your life more. You are not serious about it.

After few minutes of my dream, I moved to my other friend. She had a fight with her boyfriend.

I: Oye, what was the reason for the fight?
F2: Because he was not picking up my phone. I wanted to talk with him.
I: He must be busy at his office.
F2: Haan, he was. But atleast he can text me.
I: You know what, you are still immature. You are mature to understand your life, but not a relationship.

The dream did not end there only. Both of my friends know each other.

F2: Do you have any idea what are loosing with wasting your time? C'mmon, you spend more time with your friends and obvious result is fail in few of the subjects.
F1: No yaar, I have planned proper time for the studies as well.
F2: Oh really. You got persuasive voice, mature at advising others, but you are spoiling your own. You need to understand it.

Seriously talking, most of the people tell about one's nature. Those people does not know about their maturity level. Well, they too following the same track. I have few examples from my daily life; atleast I'm not like my friend, who kept me dubious about my own maturity level. The maturity level can not calculable. One has both  the levels, mature at activity one is best and immature at the other. Confusing for some, I know, even for me. And finally, I came to conclusion that I'm still confused. I was not confused whether I mature or not, but who is more mature, one with best at his ability or the one who understands the life more.