Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-VI

Handa Caterers was in the corner under the shed of the tree. Boys had problem with remembering the name of this stall and the surrounding area in the campus. So, we generally referred it as 'Khoka'. It is favourite spot boys prefer over others for two reasons, one IGIT girls hostel and another Girls Common Room or GCR. The best part of this is boys find girls to check out anytime and every time. "So, do you like the crowd of the campus?" I asked.

"Well, I have not talked with much of the people. But certainly, people around are good." she replied.

"But don't you think the worst part of it is, we are in poorly equipped government institute." I asked further.

"For your information, the institute charges very less compared to other institutes of the same category, and don't forget it values more than those institutes. And what about the library?" she started with her lecture to save the reputation of the campus.

"Wait a minute, why are you arguing on it? I mean it seems as if you are saving someone's ass." I replied. It was bizarre when a person talks in favour of government.

"Hey buddy?" Kashish said, coming from the class, I think. We both turned to Kashish,

"I will see in the class." she said and walked away.

"Hey Kashish. How was the class?" I asked him.

It was not new for Kashish to come down right after the class, and a horrified face. Obviously, it was Mayawati's class. The class where no one can sleep, rather no one dare to sleep.

"You better don't talk about the class." he said. "She was horrifying man, and today, she asked us to sit in front."said,"That's not new atleast. Now, you should be used to it.”

"Hey, you didn't come for the class. Where were you?" asked a mature looking student, Ajit Khurana. He had a healthy personality. Healthy, here means, physically fat, but a strong command over the economics. Other boys also came along with him. This is my group of boys; includes Ajit, Jatin, Ankit, Prakash, Vishwas, and Kumar.

"I was with Meera. We were late for the class. So, we preferred to stay here 

Ankit without any delay asked Jatin about the girl, "Who is Meera?" instead of enquiring me. Jatin was one of those three- four students, who add new people of the campus to their Facebook friends list. Though he remained silent most of the time, but keep regular check on everybody, especially girls.

"Even I don't have any idea about this girl." Jatin replied Anky and other eyes looking for an answer.

"Who is she? Is she new to campus?" he further asked me."Oh man, don't tell me, you don't know about, what was the name." Ajit said.

"Meera." Jatin completed.

"Yeah... Meera. What are you doing in 'Welcoming Committee'" and everybody laughed. 'Welcoming Committee' is the name given by Anky to people who add everybody frequently on Facebook. It was a shock for everyone. One, Jatin did not know anything about her, and second no one had noticed new beauty in the class. The second reason was more shocking to me."Arey, leave this entire thing. But you tell Rachit. Who is this new girl Meera?" that's what boys talk about, yes 'GIRLS'.

Note: May Continue further

New Characters: Prakash, Kumar, Vishwas, Kashish and Ajit khurana
Previous Characters: Rachit, Meera, Jatin and Ankit.

Monday, September 27, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part V

"I am waiting for someone. And I think he has no right to talk like this. When a girl waits for a boy, the boy is supposed to treat the girl." she said sarcastically.

"Hmm.. In that case, I should leave. But before that I suppose you prefer me walking with you till the class." I  said & tried to score over her

"You guessed very well. But no prize for guessing it correct. Let's have a coffee & walk towards the campus." We started walking to a vendor outside the station.

I did not notice the weather in the morning before. But walking with her was a pleasant surprise from the Almighty for the day. The weather was so beautiful. The sun was shinning bright, with clouds covering the all new blue sky. The breeze, though not visible, was going through her locked hairs.

"Bhaiya, two coffees jaldi." she ordered. I must say Almighty was so generous to me on that day, otherwise I won't have such a lucky day.

"So, tell me I thing, who was that girl?"

"Girl?" I was shocked at her question."Whom are you referring to?" I think I know her reply. But the reason for asking this question was more important. Was she really concerned about my status?

"Arey, the one you were standing in the metro with you. You do not look good with her." She laughed. She was trying to score more. "You can have someone better." she said. I must say, 'A lot can happen over a coffee.', and then was the time for the flirting.

"I'm sure you would not mind if I talk to other girls. And don't worry, girls are safe with me." I tried again.

"Oh c'mmon, tell her name. I just wanted to know the people around." she said.

"She is Aanchal from AB section. We both have same route to college. And the other girl is Jasleen Kaur from AB again." I was answering as if I was not supposed to be with them.

"Okay." she smiled.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes sure, Atleast now I can count on you, and I know only you in the class."

"Are you committed?" I asked

"What? This is what you got to ask me. Wow, thats how you treat a girl." she got irritated by this. Damn, I should not ask her.

", I'm sorry yaar. I just asked generally. Next time, I won't ask anything like this." she thrashed my question with sudden reaction.

"Hahahaha. Look at your face." she started laughing.

"Arey, I never got time for all such things, so never thought about this. Actually I had some hard days, emotionally. And right now, I just don't want to rearrange the pages." she said further.

By now we had reached the campus. I did not notice the time. For the first time, I was late for the very first class. Even Aanchal and Jasleen had entered thier class before me. I did not want to go to class.

"It's already 10:45. Do you want to attend the class now." she said innocently. I must say she know how to control boys.

"Amm... You are right. I think we should stay here only." I had no other choice, but to accept her proposal. We both then stood at Handa Caterers.

Note: May continue further.

Characters: Rachit Gupta and Meera Khanna

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Call led to Skirmish- Part IV

I moved out of the room and start looking for the mom. She was in the kitchen. She was as usual preparing the breakfast.

"Good Morning mom. What are you preparing for the breakfast?" I asked.

"Good Morning beta.I'm making Poha. By the way, how come you got up early today? " she asked further.

"Arey, aise hi." I said. " Where is dad and di?" I asked. I know dad must be busy with his newspaper and di must be getting ready for the office. But still I want to confirm it.

"Where is my mobile Mom?" I heard Mehak Di shouting from the room. We both brother and sister can not live without a gadget invented by Dr. Martin Cooper. He might have never thought of the demand of the gadget, but I think he is the God for the mobile lovers.

"Make a call on your phone." I replied.

"I have been doing since I'm looking for the mobile. What do you think I'm fool? But it's on silent mode. Can you please help me out."

"Arey, check your ta.." I was not led to complete my sentence as she shout it, " No need to help, I got it."

"Go get ready now. Do n't waste your time now if you have woken up early today. Make it your habbit dear." Mom started her regular lecture.

"Yes , as you say mom. But after a look of new news of yesterday." I replied. I picked up the newspaper. There was not anything interesting in it. The newspaper was filled with regular murders and kidnapping news with some political tadka. What I like most in newspaper is articles fro different people from different backgrounds. Suddenly, my phone rang. I got a message. Already there were three messages waiting for my approval to read, and the latest was from di. She was sitting in front of me, having her breakfast. So, why did she text me?

Instead of asking her the reason, I read the message.

'I knw u r worried abt d last day, n must b lukin 4 dad. Bt dnt wori, u jz need 2 tok wid him. He has gn 4 wok.So, b ready 2 tok n remember mom doesn't knw anything.'

I looked towards di, and whispered,"Thank you.". But as she always do, showed some anger with her wide open eyes. Before I could react to her expressions, the door bell rang. 

"Open the door." Dad said from outside.

"You have to talk with him" Di whispered again, when I was opening the door.

"Hey." he said. 

"I want to talk with you Dad?" Somehow managed to complete the sentences.

Note: May continue further. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-IV

With the sulky mood, I did n't realize that Aanchal was talking about some creatures in her class. Rather most of the time, I was trying to steal a look of Meera standing few steps ahead. Aanchal, though had realized the change, but then she must have cracked a joke for which I pretended laughing.

"Hey, let's go. It's our station now." Aanchal said with a push.

"Huh. Kashmere Gate." I replied and looked around. Everyone was getting down on the station and some people were obstructing the smooth passage of deboarders. Though people in Delhi are 'Bade Dilwale', but still they are not generous enough to make way for deboarders, besides continues instructions from the computerized voice.

"Yeah Mr. Sleepy. Now move fast. Otherwise, you will be late for your Darling Shilpa's class."

"Han, let's move Mrs O.K. Ghosla." I replied and laughed.

"Shut up." 

While moving out of the station, all the time I was looking for Meera. But except for few other known faces at the station, I could not find any trace of her. Either she moved for the class in just few minutes or she was playing hide and seek with me in station premises. You will find lots of new faces, some known as well but some time you won't find one you would be looking for.

"Hey Rachit." I heard from the back. I turned. "Hey" I said with a smile to Jatin and Ankit. They smiled back with a hand shake. Aanchal was standing few steps away from us. But without any further conversations, we moved towards the exit. 

"We have to wait for a minute. Jasleen is also coming." Aanchal said.

"Yaar, we are going. Sorry, but we can't wait." Ankit said. 

"You guys can wait. We will see you in class." Jatin said, and they stepped for the escalators .

"There she comes." I announced.

"Can't you come on time? Rachit was worried for his Behanji." Aanchal said while smiling.

"Oh, I'm really sorry for that." Jasleen replied, and everyone laughed except me. I just had to smile. Then, we started moving towards the gate.

A girl in pink top waiting for someone on the other side of token vendor. She draw my attention for the reason that the same girl was standing few steps away from me in metro. Yes, she was Meera. At once, I thought of tit for tat. But then she greeted me, and attracted me. I excused from other two girls and asked them to move to campus alone. 

"I think you don't know me." I said to Meera. But she smiled, and there I go.

Note: May continue further.

Characters: Rachit Gupta, Aanchal Bhardwaj, Meera Khanna, Jatin Goel, Ankit Srivastav, Jasleen Kaur, Shilpa Khurana and Prof. O.K. Ghosla (Business Communication)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Those Last Few Minutes

'Whoom..whhoomm..' My all new Nokia X3 moved with high vibrating sound. The sound was not irritating, though it was disturbing in the class. I love when the phone creates this new sound. For the reason one it diverts my concentration of boring class to the SMS, i got. And secondly, the mobile shines, and the some people around glue their jealousy filled eyes to it. The greed and jealousy makes one happy more when in the end one get it what one was looking for. This ask for trying to get more what you don't have. Not all people are lucky enough to be equipped with lovely jealousy emotions.

Coming back to Nokia X3, the TFT screen was asking me to enter the code of the magic world. I enter the code. I had a text from Chhavi, my sweet and beautiful girl. I could not ignore reading it. The text was read as,

"Hey, u remember dt last day v wr 2gther. B4 boarding the train, I moved bk 2 u n hugged u. Dt very moment ws, trust me, heaven. I cn't 4gt dt moment for d whole lyf. U knw wt, em missin u alot. luv u.."

My eye rolled down a drop. I looked around and then again read the text. I wanted to hug her, but she was not around. I moved to those very last few minutes with her. She was leaving for engineering studies in IIT Madras. Those last few minutes. 

"You seems happy that I'm going away from you." She had said.

"Obviously. Now, you can't disturb me with your chattering. Wow, I'm free from you." I had replied.

Her eyes dropped some unwanted water. "You won't stop me. This is not the moment to joke." she said.

"Why should I?" and then I started counting her bags again.

"Attention please, the train number 2434, Chennai Rajdhani from Hazrat Nizammuddin Junction to Chennai Central, is about to leave." an announcement made.

"So, everything is done. Let's shift the stuff on your seat." I said. There were 3 bags, excluding her purse. Her mother was also going with her.

She hold my hand and said, "You really won't miss me."

"I will surely do dear. Now please don't cry and help me."

We moved the bags to her reserved seat. Seat number 24 and 25. Her mother was waiting at the seat. As usual, after some movement, the Indian Train stopped. Probably, this time Indian Rail wanted me to talk with her.

"You were supposed to drop some water." she said.

"Arey, Kitni baar batanaa padega, 'Boys don't cry'." I winked. We were standing at the entrance of the compartment and then the train made its slow movement. She turned towards the entrance. I was about to hold her hand. But she turned again, and we hugged. For  those few minutes; I felt nostalgic, but I didn't cry.

"I will miss you alot." we whispered to each other.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-III

Another day, and another try for a better start. Since morning I had been thinking about her only. At home, I had searched her all over the facebook, orkut and other possible social network websites. Though I got to know her name, but could not make a mark on her from my side except that I might be included in the list of Lafangas.

I rang up Aanchal. She live near to my place and we both came from same route to college. She was waiting for me at INA Metro Station. Delhi without Metro is not imaginable these days. I remember how I used to stuck in the traffic for hours at South Ex.

"Don't Push the passengers while boarding or de-boarding the train" announced a pre-recorded computerized voice of a lady. The accent of the computerized lady does not make you feel like an Indian, but the crowd around will make you realize it very soon.

"The next station is INA. Please mind the gap." said the same voice. And then the metro halted with a little jerk.

"Hey, get in fast." said to the girl walking towards the door of the Metro. 

"Hi!" Aanchal said.

"Aren't you late for the Shetty's class. It's already 9:35 in the clock" I asked.

"Arey, what's so hurry? It's just Shetty's class. We have nothing to do except for staring at white board blankly." she said while yawning. Sanjay Shetty was our Managerial Economics professor. He really bores the class. Even first bench students tended to sleep in his class. Also, he usually never inquire students for being late for the class.

"And by the way, it's two hour lecture. He won't mind me coming late." she added. "Which is your first class?" 

"Shilpa Khurana and I don't want to be late for her class. She has planned some case study for today." I replied. We both were in different sections. I was in CD, but she was from AB section.

"Case Study. What kind of case study?" She din't stop asking another question.

And then, the train halted at Rajiv Chowk Station. The moment gate opened, I saw Meera struggling to get in. Me and Aanchal were standing at the corner of other gate. While struggling, Meera saw us, but she ignored. She got some space to stand next to an under 40's white collar man. I was more annoyed by the fact that she ignored me. Aanchal felt some change in my behavior. She did not know Meera. But I had spent a lecture with Meera and I think I'm not that bad at looks.

Note: May be Continue further.

Characters: Rachit Gupta, Aanchal Bhardwaj and Meera Khanna.
(Prof. Shilpa Khurana, Organisational Behavior and Prof. Sanjay Shetty, Managerial Economics)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog so Far..

I never have expected people to like my stories and poetry, but they do. They like the newest and fresher part of it. I'm glad I have few readers of my blog and more glad that I have fan of my stories. This could have not ever happen, if I had not gone through the blog of my friends. They are regular to blogging culture. Though I'm blogging since 2008, I was never so curious to write on my blog regularly. I have tried to be post very often, but then again failed because of the hectic schedule or one can say being lazy getting on the dashboard of blog. Let's just not crib about the past irregularity.
I had started a short story of a boy, Rachit Gupta. Rachit is favorite name, I came across and for this reason, I'm using the same name of the character in different stories. I have written 3 stories so far, rest can are part of one or the other. The character was type of misleading even to me as well. I could not figure out his preferences in the life. Similarly, I am not changing the names of the other characters in different stories. So, never get confused with the names and the continuity of the stories.

One more thing I want to share, though the stories are work of fiction, but still some part of the story or character are inspired from the surroundings. But never mind it, even if you find any resemblance to any character or situation.

In the end, I only want you people to keep on reading the posts on my blog. It's you, who make me write more and I promise I will come up with more interesting stories. I try to be regular as well.  

Friday, September 17, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-II

She giggled, when UT completed my introduction.

Now, I can admit why I hate Prof. UT. But then there was a good part of it. Without any delay in the class, she took out her five-in-one register.

"What is he teaching today?" she inquired me.

Out of shame, I said, "Do you think I am the attentive student of his class?"

She nodded. She started noting down the points from the slides. I wanted to know her name. But the start was not perfect. I stuck with her thoughts, sitting next to her.

"So Rachit, what is the probability of selling exactly four houses in 1 day?" UT asked. What was that half bald old man wanted from me. On one side I was thinking about a better way  of introduction; but on other side, this old crap wanted to know the solution.

"Sir, I'm trying to calculate it." I replied. The pretty girl turned her face towards me and the tapped on her register with the pen in her hand. This time I was not looking at her, rather I was still thinking of her. UT, by then, moved towards other desks. At times, he takes the round of the class. As he says, "I can make out." in every class, thinking he can actually know the minds of his students.

I felt something on my shoulder, a very soft touch from the girl sitting next to me. Till then, I did n't know about her name, but she actually made me think about her all the time. Wow, is this love at first sight.

"Love at first sight." I uttered & blushed.

"Huh!" I heard the same sweet voice again. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Nothing, just a part of the novel. By the way, you wanted to say something." I tried to  retain the conversation. Possibly, this could be the perfect start.

"Yeah, I have calculated the question." she said.

"So, Rachit. You did the problem." UT again interrupted.

"Yes sir!" I replied with a I-am-your-papa look. "For the probability the answer is 5/12" I continued while looking at her register & the solution. She looked at me with her eyes open wide. She looked more beautiful with I-am-the-Saviour look. I am in love with this beautiful face.

'By the way, I'm Rachit Gupta.' I wrote on her register.

"I know." she replied.

'So.' I wrote again followed by three question marks. Each to know her name. She closed her register there only with a slam. I did not understand this. She must have not liked me writing on her register.

On top of her register, her name was written and she underlined it.

Meera Khanna,
USMS, Batch 2010-2012

"Rachit, you doesn't seem attentive at your roll number. Absent marked." UT stated.

Note: May be continue.
Characters: Rachit Gupta, Meera Khanna and Prof. UT.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction

Attending the lecture could be the easiest way of escaping an lecture and still you get the attendance. This looks contradictory to everyone, but I ensure you a regular attendance (when you are in class physically) and you enjoy your two hours of the class (when you are more attentive in dreaming, texting or reading novels).

I don't know, it was my luck or was in cards of my life. Mr Udit Talwar or UT, my decision science professor was teaching the statistics by his regular Kyan projector. Except listening to him, all were more busy in reading novels or newspaper and yes, texting was a regular process. As always, I was sitting at the last bench, with a book "MEIN KAMPF" on it open.

"You can try a question on hypergeometric distribution." said the old man of wisdom of repeated thoughts.

And then, she entered the class. She was not late enough. It was 2:25 PM and suddenly I looked towards the gate. She was looking so pretty, with no hint of any make-up.

UT allowed her to enter the class, even 45 minutes late. She looked around to get a place to sit. First benches were occupied by the nerds from science background. They try to catch each and every word like a typist in the courts.

With a bag, resting on her shoulder, she was started moving towards the last bench. I kept my eyes glued to her face till she came next to me. I was still focusing on the details of her face. The most beautiful feature was her eyes.

"Du hast Schöne Augen." I uttered at very low voice.

"Excuse me, can you please shift." a sweet voice knocked my eardrums.

But my ears want to hear it again, so they did not transferred the information to mind, who later react to the command.

"Excuse me!" she said again.

"Wow! I am the biggest fan of this voice." I muttered to myself.

"Yeah, sure." atlast my mind reacted. I shifted my ass aside and she sat down. Her figure was perfectly shaped.

"Hi, I'm..." I was not allowed to complete my sentence.

UT completed "Rachit", interrupting my start. My hand stood still there.

"You are suppose to do the question first." he continued.

The story is fiction. This may be continue.
The story has two same characters from last story, "A call led to Skirmish". This story can be a part of it. Go through the other story as well.

Characters: Rachit Gupta, Meera Khanna and Professor Udit Talwar/ UT (Decision Science)