Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Call led to Skirmish- Part IV

I moved out of the room and start looking for the mom. She was in the kitchen. She was as usual preparing the breakfast.

"Good Morning mom. What are you preparing for the breakfast?" I asked.

"Good Morning beta.I'm making Poha. By the way, how come you got up early today? " she asked further.

"Arey, aise hi." I said. " Where is dad and di?" I asked. I know dad must be busy with his newspaper and di must be getting ready for the office. But still I want to confirm it.

"Where is my mobile Mom?" I heard Mehak Di shouting from the room. We both brother and sister can not live without a gadget invented by Dr. Martin Cooper. He might have never thought of the demand of the gadget, but I think he is the God for the mobile lovers.

"Make a call on your phone." I replied.

"I have been doing since I'm looking for the mobile. What do you think I'm fool? But it's on silent mode. Can you please help me out."

"Arey, check your ta.." I was not led to complete my sentence as she shout it, " No need to help, I got it."

"Go get ready now. Do n't waste your time now if you have woken up early today. Make it your habbit dear." Mom started her regular lecture.

"Yes , as you say mom. But after a look of new news of yesterday." I replied. I picked up the newspaper. There was not anything interesting in it. The newspaper was filled with regular murders and kidnapping news with some political tadka. What I like most in newspaper is articles fro different people from different backgrounds. Suddenly, my phone rang. I got a message. Already there were three messages waiting for my approval to read, and the latest was from di. She was sitting in front of me, having her breakfast. So, why did she text me?

Instead of asking her the reason, I read the message.

'I knw u r worried abt d last day, n must b lukin 4 dad. Bt dnt wori, u jz need 2 tok wid him. He has gn 4 wok.So, b ready 2 tok n remember mom doesn't knw anything.'

I looked towards di, and whispered,"Thank you.". But as she always do, showed some anger with her wide open eyes. Before I could react to her expressions, the door bell rang. 

"Open the door." Dad said from outside.

"You have to talk with him" Di whispered again, when I was opening the door.

"Hey." he said. 

"I want to talk with you Dad?" Somehow managed to complete the sentences.

Note: May continue further.