Monday, September 20, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-III

Another day, and another try for a better start. Since morning I had been thinking about her only. At home, I had searched her all over the facebook, orkut and other possible social network websites. Though I got to know her name, but could not make a mark on her from my side except that I might be included in the list of Lafangas.

I rang up Aanchal. She live near to my place and we both came from same route to college. She was waiting for me at INA Metro Station. Delhi without Metro is not imaginable these days. I remember how I used to stuck in the traffic for hours at South Ex.

"Don't Push the passengers while boarding or de-boarding the train" announced a pre-recorded computerized voice of a lady. The accent of the computerized lady does not make you feel like an Indian, but the crowd around will make you realize it very soon.

"The next station is INA. Please mind the gap." said the same voice. And then the metro halted with a little jerk.

"Hey, get in fast." said to the girl walking towards the door of the Metro. 

"Hi!" Aanchal said.

"Aren't you late for the Shetty's class. It's already 9:35 in the clock" I asked.

"Arey, what's so hurry? It's just Shetty's class. We have nothing to do except for staring at white board blankly." she said while yawning. Sanjay Shetty was our Managerial Economics professor. He really bores the class. Even first bench students tended to sleep in his class. Also, he usually never inquire students for being late for the class.

"And by the way, it's two hour lecture. He won't mind me coming late." she added. "Which is your first class?" 

"Shilpa Khurana and I don't want to be late for her class. She has planned some case study for today." I replied. We both were in different sections. I was in CD, but she was from AB section.

"Case Study. What kind of case study?" She din't stop asking another question.

And then, the train halted at Rajiv Chowk Station. The moment gate opened, I saw Meera struggling to get in. Me and Aanchal were standing at the corner of other gate. While struggling, Meera saw us, but she ignored. She got some space to stand next to an under 40's white collar man. I was more annoyed by the fact that she ignored me. Aanchal felt some change in my behavior. She did not know Meera. But I had spent a lecture with Meera and I think I'm not that bad at looks.

Note: May be Continue further.

Characters: Rachit Gupta, Aanchal Bhardwaj and Meera Khanna.
(Prof. Shilpa Khurana, Organisational Behavior and Prof. Sanjay Shetty, Managerial Economics)