Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-IV

With the sulky mood, I did n't realize that Aanchal was talking about some creatures in her class. Rather most of the time, I was trying to steal a look of Meera standing few steps ahead. Aanchal, though had realized the change, but then she must have cracked a joke for which I pretended laughing.

"Hey, let's go. It's our station now." Aanchal said with a push.

"Huh. Kashmere Gate." I replied and looked around. Everyone was getting down on the station and some people were obstructing the smooth passage of deboarders. Though people in Delhi are 'Bade Dilwale', but still they are not generous enough to make way for deboarders, besides continues instructions from the computerized voice.

"Yeah Mr. Sleepy. Now move fast. Otherwise, you will be late for your Darling Shilpa's class."

"Han, let's move Mrs O.K. Ghosla." I replied and laughed.

"Shut up." 

While moving out of the station, all the time I was looking for Meera. But except for few other known faces at the station, I could not find any trace of her. Either she moved for the class in just few minutes or she was playing hide and seek with me in station premises. You will find lots of new faces, some known as well but some time you won't find one you would be looking for.

"Hey Rachit." I heard from the back. I turned. "Hey" I said with a smile to Jatin and Ankit. They smiled back with a hand shake. Aanchal was standing few steps away from us. But without any further conversations, we moved towards the exit. 

"We have to wait for a minute. Jasleen is also coming." Aanchal said.

"Yaar, we are going. Sorry, but we can't wait." Ankit said. 

"You guys can wait. We will see you in class." Jatin said, and they stepped for the escalators .

"There she comes." I announced.

"Can't you come on time? Rachit was worried for his Behanji." Aanchal said while smiling.

"Oh, I'm really sorry for that." Jasleen replied, and everyone laughed except me. I just had to smile. Then, we started moving towards the gate.

A girl in pink top waiting for someone on the other side of token vendor. She draw my attention for the reason that the same girl was standing few steps away from me in metro. Yes, she was Meera. At once, I thought of tit for tat. But then she greeted me, and attracted me. I excused from other two girls and asked them to move to campus alone. 

"I think you don't know me." I said to Meera. But she smiled, and there I go.

Note: May continue further.

Characters: Rachit Gupta, Aanchal Bhardwaj, Meera Khanna, Jatin Goel, Ankit Srivastav, Jasleen Kaur, Shilpa Khurana and Prof. O.K. Ghosla (Business Communication)