Monday, September 27, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part V

"I am waiting for someone. And I think he has no right to talk like this. When a girl waits for a boy, the boy is supposed to treat the girl." she said sarcastically.

"Hmm.. In that case, I should leave. But before that I suppose you prefer me walking with you till the class." I  said & tried to score over her

"You guessed very well. But no prize for guessing it correct. Let's have a coffee & walk towards the campus." We started walking to a vendor outside the station.

I did not notice the weather in the morning before. But walking with her was a pleasant surprise from the Almighty for the day. The weather was so beautiful. The sun was shinning bright, with clouds covering the all new blue sky. The breeze, though not visible, was going through her locked hairs.

"Bhaiya, two coffees jaldi." she ordered. I must say Almighty was so generous to me on that day, otherwise I won't have such a lucky day.

"So, tell me I thing, who was that girl?"

"Girl?" I was shocked at her question."Whom are you referring to?" I think I know her reply. But the reason for asking this question was more important. Was she really concerned about my status?

"Arey, the one you were standing in the metro with you. You do not look good with her." She laughed. She was trying to score more. "You can have someone better." she said. I must say, 'A lot can happen over a coffee.', and then was the time for the flirting.

"I'm sure you would not mind if I talk to other girls. And don't worry, girls are safe with me." I tried again.

"Oh c'mmon, tell her name. I just wanted to know the people around." she said.

"She is Aanchal from AB section. We both have same route to college. And the other girl is Jasleen Kaur from AB again." I was answering as if I was not supposed to be with them.

"Okay." she smiled.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes sure, Atleast now I can count on you, and I know only you in the class."

"Are you committed?" I asked

"What? This is what you got to ask me. Wow, thats how you treat a girl." she got irritated by this. Damn, I should not ask her.

", I'm sorry yaar. I just asked generally. Next time, I won't ask anything like this." she thrashed my question with sudden reaction.

"Hahahaha. Look at your face." she started laughing.

"Arey, I never got time for all such things, so never thought about this. Actually I had some hard days, emotionally. And right now, I just don't want to rearrange the pages." she said further.

By now we had reached the campus. I did not notice the time. For the first time, I was late for the very first class. Even Aanchal and Jasleen had entered thier class before me. I did not want to go to class.

"It's already 10:45. Do you want to attend the class now." she said innocently. I must say she know how to control boys.

"Amm... You are right. I think we should stay here only." I had no other choice, but to accept her proposal. We both then stood at Handa Caterers.

Note: May continue further.

Characters: Rachit Gupta and Meera Khanna