Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-VI

Handa Caterers was in the corner under the shed of the tree. Boys had problem with remembering the name of this stall and the surrounding area in the campus. So, we generally referred it as 'Khoka'. It is favourite spot boys prefer over others for two reasons, one IGIT girls hostel and another Girls Common Room or GCR. The best part of this is boys find girls to check out anytime and every time. "So, do you like the crowd of the campus?" I asked.

"Well, I have not talked with much of the people. But certainly, people around are good." she replied.

"But don't you think the worst part of it is, we are in poorly equipped government institute." I asked further.

"For your information, the institute charges very less compared to other institutes of the same category, and don't forget it values more than those institutes. And what about the library?" she started with her lecture to save the reputation of the campus.

"Wait a minute, why are you arguing on it? I mean it seems as if you are saving someone's ass." I replied. It was bizarre when a person talks in favour of government.

"Hey buddy?" Kashish said, coming from the class, I think. We both turned to Kashish,

"I will see in the class." she said and walked away.

"Hey Kashish. How was the class?" I asked him.

It was not new for Kashish to come down right after the class, and a horrified face. Obviously, it was Mayawati's class. The class where no one can sleep, rather no one dare to sleep.

"You better don't talk about the class." he said. "She was horrifying man, and today, she asked us to sit in front."said,"That's not new atleast. Now, you should be used to it.”

"Hey, you didn't come for the class. Where were you?" asked a mature looking student, Ajit Khurana. He had a healthy personality. Healthy, here means, physically fat, but a strong command over the economics. Other boys also came along with him. This is my group of boys; includes Ajit, Jatin, Ankit, Prakash, Vishwas, and Kumar.

"I was with Meera. We were late for the class. So, we preferred to stay here 

Ankit without any delay asked Jatin about the girl, "Who is Meera?" instead of enquiring me. Jatin was one of those three- four students, who add new people of the campus to their Facebook friends list. Though he remained silent most of the time, but keep regular check on everybody, especially girls.

"Even I don't have any idea about this girl." Jatin replied Anky and other eyes looking for an answer.

"Who is she? Is she new to campus?" he further asked me."Oh man, don't tell me, you don't know about, what was the name." Ajit said.

"Meera." Jatin completed.

"Yeah... Meera. What are you doing in 'Welcoming Committee'" and everybody laughed. 'Welcoming Committee' is the name given by Anky to people who add everybody frequently on Facebook. It was a shock for everyone. One, Jatin did not know anything about her, and second no one had noticed new beauty in the class. The second reason was more shocking to me."Arey, leave this entire thing. But you tell Rachit. Who is this new girl Meera?" that's what boys talk about, yes 'GIRLS'.

Note: May Continue further

New Characters: Prakash, Kumar, Vishwas, Kashish and Ajit khurana
Previous Characters: Rachit, Meera, Jatin and Ankit.