Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction

Attending the lecture could be the easiest way of escaping an lecture and still you get the attendance. This looks contradictory to everyone, but I ensure you a regular attendance (when you are in class physically) and you enjoy your two hours of the class (when you are more attentive in dreaming, texting or reading novels).

I don't know, it was my luck or was in cards of my life. Mr Udit Talwar or UT, my decision science professor was teaching the statistics by his regular Kyan projector. Except listening to him, all were more busy in reading novels or newspaper and yes, texting was a regular process. As always, I was sitting at the last bench, with a book "MEIN KAMPF" on it open.

"You can try a question on hypergeometric distribution." said the old man of wisdom of repeated thoughts.

And then, she entered the class. She was not late enough. It was 2:25 PM and suddenly I looked towards the gate. She was looking so pretty, with no hint of any make-up.

UT allowed her to enter the class, even 45 minutes late. She looked around to get a place to sit. First benches were occupied by the nerds from science background. They try to catch each and every word like a typist in the courts.

With a bag, resting on her shoulder, she was started moving towards the last bench. I kept my eyes glued to her face till she came next to me. I was still focusing on the details of her face. The most beautiful feature was her eyes.

"Du hast Schöne Augen." I uttered at very low voice.

"Excuse me, can you please shift." a sweet voice knocked my eardrums.

But my ears want to hear it again, so they did not transferred the information to mind, who later react to the command.

"Excuse me!" she said again.

"Wow! I am the biggest fan of this voice." I muttered to myself.

"Yeah, sure." atlast my mind reacted. I shifted my ass aside and she sat down. Her figure was perfectly shaped.

"Hi, I'm..." I was not allowed to complete my sentence.

UT completed "Rachit", interrupting my start. My hand stood still there.

"You are suppose to do the question first." he continued.

The story is fiction. This may be continue.
The story has two same characters from last story, "A call led to Skirmish". This story can be a part of it. Go through the other story as well.

Characters: Rachit Gupta, Meera Khanna and Professor Udit Talwar/ UT (Decision Science)