Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog so Far..

I never have expected people to like my stories and poetry, but they do. They like the newest and fresher part of it. I'm glad I have few readers of my blog and more glad that I have fan of my stories. This could have not ever happen, if I had not gone through the blog of my friends. They are regular to blogging culture. Though I'm blogging since 2008, I was never so curious to write on my blog regularly. I have tried to be post very often, but then again failed because of the hectic schedule or one can say being lazy getting on the dashboard of blog. Let's just not crib about the past irregularity.
I had started a short story of a boy, Rachit Gupta. Rachit is favorite name, I came across and for this reason, I'm using the same name of the character in different stories. I have written 3 stories so far, rest can are part of one or the other. The character was type of misleading even to me as well. I could not figure out his preferences in the life. Similarly, I am not changing the names of the other characters in different stories. So, never get confused with the names and the continuity of the stories.

One more thing I want to share, though the stories are work of fiction, but still some part of the story or character are inspired from the surroundings. But never mind it, even if you find any resemblance to any character or situation.

In the end, I only want you people to keep on reading the posts on my blog. It's you, who make me write more and I promise I will come up with more interesting stories. I try to be regular as well.