Friday, September 17, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-II

She giggled, when UT completed my introduction.

Now, I can admit why I hate Prof. UT. But then there was a good part of it. Without any delay in the class, she took out her five-in-one register.

"What is he teaching today?" she inquired me.

Out of shame, I said, "Do you think I am the attentive student of his class?"

She nodded. She started noting down the points from the slides. I wanted to know her name. But the start was not perfect. I stuck with her thoughts, sitting next to her.

"So Rachit, what is the probability of selling exactly four houses in 1 day?" UT asked. What was that half bald old man wanted from me. On one side I was thinking about a better way  of introduction; but on other side, this old crap wanted to know the solution.

"Sir, I'm trying to calculate it." I replied. The pretty girl turned her face towards me and the tapped on her register with the pen in her hand. This time I was not looking at her, rather I was still thinking of her. UT, by then, moved towards other desks. At times, he takes the round of the class. As he says, "I can make out." in every class, thinking he can actually know the minds of his students.

I felt something on my shoulder, a very soft touch from the girl sitting next to me. Till then, I did n't know about her name, but she actually made me think about her all the time. Wow, is this love at first sight.

"Love at first sight." I uttered & blushed.

"Huh!" I heard the same sweet voice again. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Nothing, just a part of the novel. By the way, you wanted to say something." I tried to  retain the conversation. Possibly, this could be the perfect start.

"Yeah, I have calculated the question." she said.

"So, Rachit. You did the problem." UT again interrupted.

"Yes sir!" I replied with a I-am-your-papa look. "For the probability the answer is 5/12" I continued while looking at her register & the solution. She looked at me with her eyes open wide. She looked more beautiful with I-am-the-Saviour look. I am in love with this beautiful face.

'By the way, I'm Rachit Gupta.' I wrote on her register.

"I know." she replied.

'So.' I wrote again followed by three question marks. Each to know her name. She closed her register there only with a slam. I did not understand this. She must have not liked me writing on her register.

On top of her register, her name was written and she underlined it.

Meera Khanna,
USMS, Batch 2010-2012

"Rachit, you doesn't seem attentive at your roll number. Absent marked." UT stated.

Note: May be continue.
Characters: Rachit Gupta, Meera Khanna and Prof. UT.