Friday, September 24, 2010

Those Last Few Minutes

'Whoom..whhoomm..' My all new Nokia X3 moved with high vibrating sound. The sound was not irritating, though it was disturbing in the class. I love when the phone creates this new sound. For the reason one it diverts my concentration of boring class to the SMS, i got. And secondly, the mobile shines, and the some people around glue their jealousy filled eyes to it. The greed and jealousy makes one happy more when in the end one get it what one was looking for. This ask for trying to get more what you don't have. Not all people are lucky enough to be equipped with lovely jealousy emotions.

Coming back to Nokia X3, the TFT screen was asking me to enter the code of the magic world. I enter the code. I had a text from Chhavi, my sweet and beautiful girl. I could not ignore reading it. The text was read as,

"Hey, u remember dt last day v wr 2gther. B4 boarding the train, I moved bk 2 u n hugged u. Dt very moment ws, trust me, heaven. I cn't 4gt dt moment for d whole lyf. U knw wt, em missin u alot. luv u.."

My eye rolled down a drop. I looked around and then again read the text. I wanted to hug her, but she was not around. I moved to those very last few minutes with her. She was leaving for engineering studies in IIT Madras. Those last few minutes. 

"You seems happy that I'm going away from you." She had said.

"Obviously. Now, you can't disturb me with your chattering. Wow, I'm free from you." I had replied.

Her eyes dropped some unwanted water. "You won't stop me. This is not the moment to joke." she said.

"Why should I?" and then I started counting her bags again.

"Attention please, the train number 2434, Chennai Rajdhani from Hazrat Nizammuddin Junction to Chennai Central, is about to leave." an announcement made.

"So, everything is done. Let's shift the stuff on your seat." I said. There were 3 bags, excluding her purse. Her mother was also going with her.

She hold my hand and said, "You really won't miss me."

"I will surely do dear. Now please don't cry and help me."

We moved the bags to her reserved seat. Seat number 24 and 25. Her mother was waiting at the seat. As usual, after some movement, the Indian Train stopped. Probably, this time Indian Rail wanted me to talk with her.

"You were supposed to drop some water." she said.

"Arey, Kitni baar batanaa padega, 'Boys don't cry'." I winked. We were standing at the entrance of the compartment and then the train made its slow movement. She turned towards the entrance. I was about to hold her hand. But she turned again, and we hugged. For  those few minutes; I felt nostalgic, but I didn't cry.

"I will miss you alot." we whispered to each other.