Saturday, October 02, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-VII

Encountering the question, I was confused what to tell them. No one had  noticed her, rather many of them were still fantasize about Aanchal.

"She entered late in UT's class yesterday. Were you guys sleeping that time. She is really beautiful girl." I said.

"If you guys had time from your fantasies of other girls, please spend a look on Meera. Then next time, don't ask about her." I hide my emotions fro the girl from these guys.

"By the way, Kashish had looked her today. You tell everybody about her." I passed the ball to Kashish.

"Abey, if I had seen that girl, I won't have on other side of the river." he replied.

"Yaar, tu toh jazbaati ho gaya." Ajit said and everyone laughed again.

Everyone was looking at me waiting for the description of the new girl. But then Presenjit  entered.

"Hey guys, do you know the result of the Synergy Elections." he asked everyone.

"Nope, we don't have any idea about it. Who all have won the posts." Ajit asked.

"Yaar, we are going to library, have to ask for Book Bank. So, we'ill catch up with you guys later." Kumar said.

"Okay." Jatin replied. Kumar, Vishwas, Anky, and Prakash left for the library.

"Varun won the President's post, and for other posts; Kapil, Manjeet and Rahul took over others. This was a total shock for the opponents. Karan and Hitesh were expecting full support, but they lost by around 45 votes." Presenjit announced.

"This Karan and Hitesh can not be beaten better than this. They carry unnecessary attitude." Kashish commented.

"By the way, I have also heard of CRC new selection from first years. What do you think? Anyone Interested?" Presenjit announced further.

"Ahh... I may go for it." I said, after rest not want to participate.

"You know what, Nikhil will also go for CRC." Kashish said.

"Who Nikhil." Jatin asked. "Our CR Nikhil."

"Yes, and I have an intuition that he will stand for President of CRC as well next year." he replied.

"So, what's the problem in it?" I asked.

Boys can talk alot. And as per our Dean, Mrs. Lather, 'Boys chatter more than girls.' The dean was a very sophisticated woman. Though very experienced, she could be a young icon.

We, boys, moved our conversation from the hot topic, new girl Meera, to politics ahead in USMS. Politics attracts everyone's eye all the time. It has drama, mystery, suspense, and most important is Party. Yes, Party. Delhi University students know it very well, how College Political Organisations threw parties every other day to get the highest number of votes.

"You asking for the problem." Presenjit replied. He continued with his political gyan. "You know it very well man; if Nikhil becomes the CRC president, the information about the companies coming to campus will restrict to his group only."

"Come on yaar, he is a good guy." Jatin said, marking his presence.

"Come out of your spoon feeding school. Everyone, here, is greedy for the best."

"It's better, one of us should be in the CRC. Otherwise, we will be the last one's to get the job with the lowest package in hand." Kashish said.

"Hmmm..." everyone sounded, one after another.

Politics. The more you talk about it, the more you find it interesting. I never had thought of such politics in MBA level. The Great Dictator had also started reading about Germany's local Politics when he was just fifteen. He found it interesting, and had said, "those who have no understanding of the political world around them, have no right to complain or criticize."

The Dictator's words do not bother me much, but the good thing for me was I was the one who had talked to 'Meera'. I won half battle.

Note: May continue further.

New Characters: Presenjit.