Monday, November 01, 2010

First Interrupted Introduction: Part-VIII

Days passed without any importance lying in it. The days were somewhat with Meera. By now, all batch mates and others had some of their conception regarding me and Meera. The two faces, Meera & Rachit, were hot talk and familiar in the campus. The politics, games & Girls were taken over by the connection between me & Meera, actually Girls were still part of Boys' talk. She does not speak to everyone. I don't know whether I was lucky or she found me interesting to talk with.

September 17th 2010,
She was absent after around 2 weeks continuously. Though she did not come for some other days as well, but this was the first day when she was not with me in the campus.

“The budget line is the best combination of two available commodities.” said the typical South- Indian voice of Sanjay Shetty. The class seemed boring, I found it sleepy.

Shetty was teaching his budget line & indifference curve concept. No one was interested in listening to his theory and managerial economics.

“Let’s play Bollywood-Hollywood.” Anky said to Meghna, both were sitting on adjacent desk.

I looked around the class. Everyone was chattering to one another. “Oh man, how come these people find anything so interesting to talk?” I said to myself.

Left corner, SanGAY, Johnny Bravo and Mr. Know-it-all were striking the pens; the old famous game of school day, “Pen Fight”. I don’t remember the names of any of these, but they were more famous in the campus because of their second name. Bravo had some familiar face cuts and hair style like a cartoon network character. SanGay the name is enough to suggest all.

The last two rows were joined together. Those back benchers, were commenting and chattering with one another. I had joined them after long-time. I used to sit with Ajit.

“Those who want to talk can move out, I already have marked the attendance.” Shetty announced and then silence prevailed for few seconds. With his first word of economic concepts in South Indian style, the silence vanished again.

“Line ‘YEA’-B is the budget line here, with two commodities. ‘YaM’ is the best point, where IC and Budget line is intersecting.” Shetty started again.

“Sir, the indifference curve is not defined correctly.” Vishwas said from the right corner. He was busier in listening to Shetty to point out his mistakes.

“You tell what the IC curve is?” Shetty asked proudly.

“Sir, it is a locus of points where each point has different combination of two goods but the utility is same.” Vishwas replied.

“That’s what I said.” Shetty asked further. “Look in your register again.”

And then the argument starts between an old fool and a new economist. The volume of the class keeps rising, but these two were busy to make a correct statement. Everything in the class was out of control. I was head down on desk, could not handle anything more.

“Please I told you everyone earlier also. If you want to continue whatever you wish to, then leave the class. I won’t stop anyone.” Shetty said, though the volume was high this time. The silence prevailed again, this time for a longer time. Students were whispering.

“Itna Sannata kyon hai bhai” (Why is there so silence?), I got a message. But the funny part was the silent class turned to a laugher for a while.

“Hey, hw r u? I hv packed my bags. I knw m late 2 in4m u. Bt i’m goin for a brk.” The message was from Meera.

Since, the class was blowing my mind off; a message from Meera was a relief. I stood up and walked out of the class. I could see few faces, looking at me and smiling with shock.

Note:  To Be Continue
New Characters: SanGay, Johnny Bravo and Mr. Know-it-all.