Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm here for You

With your closed lips,

You are hiding something,
Something can be anything,
Just need to be read.
You didn't let lips to speak,
But eyes dropped on cheek.

The Beautiful eyes of yours,
said a lot about you.
Hidden was something true.
Colors the eyes changed,
Red at times, when remain,
Awake all the night in pain.

Next to you, I'm standing.
Speak your words hidden inside.
You afraid of life's ride.
Or is there any fear of loss.
Just tell me, what's bothering you.
Just tell me, I'm here for you.

May be you don't know me.
May be you didn't hear from me.
But I was there always for you.
I was not present in your happiness.
I'm here to wipe your tears.
I'm here to take all your fears.

I will fight for you, my Babe.
Just tell me, what's bothering you,
Just tell me, I'm here for you.
It's nothing, but the matter of time.
It's me, who is here for You,
I'm here to wipe your Tears.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Lot Can Happen At Coffee Shop

"And there it goes for Four." said Ravi Shashtri. "He is on fire. He is not gonna stop today." he continued.

"Yeahhhh..." shouted a girl sitting at the other corner of the Barista Lavazza. And rest clapped for the Master Blaster.

With the shot, Sachin had scored another ton. The cricket mania was in the air. It was ICC Cricket World Cup , 2011 and India was one of the host countries. This time India was also one of the favorites in the league in fans, not only in Indian fans but in others as well. Although it is banned, but still speculators' were favoring India more. 

The clock touched the 5 P.M. mark and the Barista Lavazza was out of space. Around 11 groups were gathered to not only talk about many important things, but to enjoy the league match between India and England. We were one of them, enjoying the World Cup sipping the Coffee from the Cup.

The girl at corner cheered the team again. She was with her two other friends. All of them were so engrossed with the match, they even did't realize that they were at Coffee Shop.

"Heyy Himan, look at that girl, she is cheering a lot." I said.

"Obviously, she is an Indian fan." replied Shaurya. "But where the hell is Rishab?"

"He got a call from Prabha." Himan answered.

"Shut up guys, I was talking to Dad. Why would I always be talking to Prabha?" Rishab said while entering the Barista. We had parked ourself at sofas close to the door.

"Anyways, whats the score? Did you not ordered anything?" Rishab continued.

"Lets go to counter, we will order anything for others as well." I said. The moment I stood up to walk towards the counter, the same girl cheering also moved towards counter.

"Hey!!! They don't have chocolate chip muffins now. Do you want anything else?" the girl shouted for her group, sitting at the corner enjoying the match. But she must had shouted to inform all, so that no one can come to order Chocolate chip Muffins anymore.

Uncivilized they behave, uncivilized they call us. Girls at times or rather most of the time, behave like any other "Nukkarchap Mavali". Shouting from any corner to others. But still they are the most beautiful, expensive and creative creatures on the earth. I should take my words back.

"Yes sir, What would you like to have?" asked a man from the Barista.

"We will have one Green Apple Mojito, one Green Apple Ice Tea and two Cappuccino. Rachit, do you want anything else?" Rishab asked me.

"Do you have Chocolate Chip Muffins?" I asked the waiter. Without any delay he replied with an obvious answer.

"Okay then, add one Dark Temptation and one Blue Berry Muffin." Although our order list was big, but still I added two more sweets in it. 

Waiter was confirming the order, suddenly that corner girl dropped again. "We will have one Chocolate Iceberg."

"Excuse me Ishita, Can we complete our order first?" I replied to the girl. The voice and face cut seemed similar to my old friend. She was standing close to me, but her eyes made me call her Ishita. 

"Wait a minute, how do you know me?" She asked me, standing stun on my behavior.

"Class XII Commerce -cum- Science  one of the toppers of the school. Don't you remember me?" I asked further.

"Rachit." She screamed and hugged me instantly. Rest were still in confusions and watching an-old-friends-meeting-suddenly-incident. Ishita, fair complexion and grey colored eyes, is my friend since XI class. She was more like an introvert. But a lot has changed in her now. We used to go out Barista, whenever we used to get time. Although, I was a commerce student, but science class had my more attentions.

Anyways, people say a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, but I think a lot can happen at coffee shop. The girl who was shouting was same the girl who used talk on silent mode more. I introduced Ishita with others of my group. By that time, India had scored 338 and Barista was accepting orders of Chocolate Chip Muffins.