Thursday, June 21, 2012

A facebook page... Gulfam

When you get a light in a dark room, you certainly keep your steps moving in that direction. And thats how you actually acheive your goals or probably a better life.

Last night, after asking my friend, Sandeep; I published my page on facebook. I am not sure about the number responses I am going to get on it, but I certainly agree with my friend. He said, "Creative people need to spread their talent. And this could be done probably through by engaging your fans or followers to certain activities. Facebook page is best thing. They get to read latest poems and short stories. Waise bhi isme kaunsa investment lag rahi hai."

He was totally right. And so I published my page name Gulfam on facebook. I am happy to see the response I got for page. Before hitting 24 hours of publishing the page, the page got more than 50 followers or like hits. That's a very good start to it. I have posted 2 short stories, although they are old. But this time, I will try to make it a regular basis story.

3 years back, when I actually started blogging,  I was not regular to it much. Moreover, I could not get much followers even after all these postings on blog. But I think facebook page surely get me more traffic towards my blog. I got inspired for blog by my friend Sanskar, who has awesome traffic for his news blog. He helps me a lot on website presense thing.

Now, I am still not sure about the traffic I will get. But I am pretty much sure I will be more connected to my followers.

Friday, June 08, 2012

No Better Tomorrow Again

Over the years of bond,
a moment you will enter
where fingers won't collide,
where steps still be same,
but you will imprint on other sand.

Terms thou laid down,
and conditions I came through,
wrote the road to end,
a close to no-relation
but still I hear your sound.

Nodded, Created, Trusted,
no matter what we were,
but rings returned back
and souls no more made
for each other in the heaven

Rewinding the past though
through pictures of moments cherished
nothing more worth than you
remember the songs of blossoms
remember the August of Blues.

Last night of full moon but,
words of lips fell through eyes
set my steps back for,
the sake of better tomorrow,
tried to warm up relation again,
but nothing good I could do.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Feeling....called Love

Before I enter Pacific Mall with my friend Mira, I found few man-dogs sniffing, managed to tug their shirts in and keeping their hairs gelled; around girls and women. Police is not bothered about these girlfriend seekers or strugglers, rather they are more concerned about how a woman dresses herself and she should be at home by 8 in the evening.

“Stop it, Rachit.” Mira said. We met after a long time, and I was telling her about my new girlfriend Gunjan. “You should settle down now. Your girl friends must have something in their heads for knotting nod. And may be that could be you in their heads and hearts.” She sounded serious.

“Who who… give a break to your thoughts girl. I’ m just 24 now. Abhi bahut kuch karna baki hai.” I replied, while checking beautifully dressed girl, passing through. Before she could say any other word, I had to get something else.

“Okay, so shall we move for bowling? Or you want to eat something first?” I asked.

“Let’s just talk today. After all, we are meeting after a long break.” And she said. “What does she mean to talk?” my head was banging on such questions. Astonished, I stood there for a while.

“And by the way, why do you have to think of food and bowling all the time.” she taunted me while looking for a place to sit. “There, we have not tried Gloria Jeans Coffee. I have heard they blend a very smooth coffee.” I had nothing, but to accept the lady today.

“You know Rachit, I always think of life, where love does not exist. There won’t be anyone to stare at you, when you just scrunch on a bug. No one to care for anything.” She continued.

“But that’s not possible Mira. Love can’t be invisible at anytime. Take our example only, we both are free to do anything, and still we meet up every Sunday or other day. And why do you think such stuff?” She rolled me down into this topic.

“Good Afternoon Mam, Your order please.” A guy on the counter asked nicely.

“One caffĂ© mocha and two brownies with chocolate syrup” Mira said. “ahhmm, do you have any option available in ice tea or something?” she asked further.

“Yes mam, there is iced mocha, fruit chiller, Italian soda and other cold coffee options. If you want to try something new, then go for fruit chiller. It’s a refreshing fruit soda.” He replied.

“Hmmm, Italian soda will be fine for us. Total amount?” while she was placing the order, I was looking for a place to sit.

“Okay, where can we sit now?” Mira asked me, giving a cursory look to the place.

“There, table next to old man.” I pointed and we moved.

“So, you think of place without love.” I started again.

“That’s just a thought. And you didn’t listen to me fully. Anyways, tell me one thing Gunjan is your 5th girlfriend since school. Am I Right?” I nodded positively. “What do you like in her, or let me put in better direct way, what is the difference among Gunjan and your previous girl friends?”

“I don’t know may be she care for me more than others did.” My mind started playing football with topic, she was wandering by.

“Are you sure Rachit? That’s why you like Gunjan. As far as I know, Pooja had cared for you more.” She replied and was pretty much sure about it.

By then, our order on tray was ready with beautiful food.

“Coffee with a brownie for beautiful lady, and refreshing Italian soda for me, obviously with brownie.” I served. Mira knows I would prefer ice tea or soda over a coffee.

“So, what are you pointing at?” I continued again. I was really confused what she wanted to tell.

“I want to know the Love. What exactly is it?” now she sounded more curious to know. “But I am sure you are not the right person to ask. You simply in search of love, while ignoring the fact you have not gotten one till now.” She continued.

“So, what do you know about Love? You never have fallen in Love. Love can’t be found so easily.”
“Yeah, right. But it cannot be also the path you are walking on. Have you ever considered how do your girl friends feel, when you break up with them?”

“Ohh come on yaar, It always been a mutual break-up.” I replied, while sipping my soda. “And my love is not like Rahul’s love.” Rahul likes every second girl he meets.

“Well, he is insecure about himself. And because of this reason, he never had a girl friend.” She had a point.
“And what about you, Why don’t you have a boy friend? I know you don’t want to have one.” And there she looked as if she is going to kill me. But talking in public has some advantage.

“Because pyar koi fruit nahin, jise shungh kar pehchan lo. It is a feeling in itself, you never know when it going to knock your door of your heart.” She had an expected reply. She never is going to know when she falls in love.

Our conversation was more of conflicting to each other. She favoured the view of inexpressible, which is known to everybody on earth, except one she loves. Whereas I think love can’t be achieved unless you don’t try even once. A poet writes better, once he has his pen in his hand.

We talked, and talked a lot. But later I realised working on Mira’s suggestion to talk was good. It really made me happy. I never thought I would do anything which clearly involves a matter of seriousness. After dropping Mira at her, I was left with one important message to deliver.

“Hey Sweetheart, I Love You.” texted Gunjan because this time I really mean it. I was not expecting any message from Gunjan; rather I was more eager to talk to her. I was feeling breeze passing through and appreciating my decision. In a while, I got call from Gunjan. All thanks to Mira, for making me think on Love actually.