Thursday, June 21, 2012

A facebook page... Gulfam

When you get a light in a dark room, you certainly keep your steps moving in that direction. And thats how you actually acheive your goals or probably a better life.

Last night, after asking my friend, Sandeep; I published my page on facebook. I am not sure about the number responses I am going to get on it, but I certainly agree with my friend. He said, "Creative people need to spread their talent. And this could be done probably through by engaging your fans or followers to certain activities. Facebook page is best thing. They get to read latest poems and short stories. Waise bhi isme kaunsa investment lag rahi hai."

He was totally right. And so I published my page name Gulfam on facebook. I am happy to see the response I got for page. Before hitting 24 hours of publishing the page, the page got more than 50 followers or like hits. That's a very good start to it. I have posted 2 short stories, although they are old. But this time, I will try to make it a regular basis story.

3 years back, when I actually started blogging,  I was not regular to it much. Moreover, I could not get much followers even after all these postings on blog. But I think facebook page surely get me more traffic towards my blog. I got inspired for blog by my friend Sanskar, who has awesome traffic for his news blog. He helps me a lot on website presense thing.

Now, I am still not sure about the traffic I will get. But I am pretty much sure I will be more connected to my followers.