Thursday, May 09, 2013


Packed in different sizes, wrappers, with certain added flavours like milk, nuts, crunchy, it always tastes sweet. Every bite of it is finger licking. Be it festive season or be it romantic night, one always like to gift it. Happy or sad, it is always Mood Refreshing.

Last night, sitting on the edge of window of my room, i did not have anything else to think on. It’s just me, tree's shed and my beautiful moon. The more I was looking into the sky, the more tears were on their way. No right these tears have to show the mood, but yes they are confusing.

“Zoommm…zoommm” my mobile sounded.

“Hello!” I said to Prem on other side.

“Rotee raha kar humesha.” He said.

“I am not crying at all.” tried to control my chocked voice.

“Shut up! Look down you idiot. I am standing next to tree. Aur tere ye ‘Abb-e-Chashm’ mujhpe gir rahe hai. Sambhal inhe.” He laughed.

Two minutes later, he was sitting next to me. He just slapped me and asked me the reason. He knew it very well, but still he want to know from me.

“Aren’t there any Night,
Found you Next to me.
Heading eyes to empty sky.
Tried to Escape every Night.
But your Hand was Holding Me.

Asked you to Untag me,
Told you, I am for different.
Reason not to be answered,
It's just you have different of me.
But your Hand was Holding Me.” I recited few lines of Gulfam.

“Look at me.” He said and I followed his instructions.

“Now would you like to pour out or shall I call him right now.” He sounded aggressive now.

“Come on Prem, you know it, tu abhi call karega toh aur panga ho jayega.” I replied.

“Bas naam ki hi Meera hai tu.” He laughed again.

“Shut up yaar. Majak ka mood nahi hai.”
He reached for his pocket and pulled out a purple coloured pack, labelled Dairy Milk. Like always, we both share a chocolate while on evening walk. But last night, we did not hit apartment roads.

“Sanjay said I am selfish. I do not care for him. He thinks our relationship is just artificial. He is not compatible for me.”I poured my heart out.

“But you know how much I love him. Why do I always have to justify our relation.” I continued.

Holding my hand, he offered me chocolate. Yes, chocolate the sweet coco from Brazil mixed with some milk. I do not know if chocolate was able to handle different mood. But it always works out for me.

“You do not have to justify anything. If he loves you, then he must trust you. A relation cannot build on such foundations. Just relax and don’t worry everything will be alright.” He said.

“How do you know?” I asked him.

“Because I know.” He replied and made me smile for the moment.

The beauty of friendship is, it is like chocolate. A dark brown sweet wrapped in purple coloured pack, mixed with nuts and cashews.

Whenever you have it around, you feel good and safe. It never makes you cry, but certainly help in to stop crying. Sweet as Chocolate, he is none other than my best friend.