Tuesday, May 07, 2013

It was Nothing Like New

Sunny day it was,
With the brighter sun
Making me feel shine
It was nothing like new
Then slowly wind blew
The colder it was
I felt like fly far away
Or just hung a rope to a bird

Then realized the day more
Brighter sun and breeze
It was nothing like new
But a month of March
In the city of Beas
But Manali they call locally
Walking down the road
Adjacent to the beauty

Beauty, the city and the lady
I realized more about the day
The black strings covering her face
At times, when wind pass through
The sun felt her smooth
Body on the other side
The day became brighter
But red faced I was standing next.

Now it was new
Pictured like Shakespeare’s Juliet
Right hand resting at her waist
She walked with me
For next few more miles
It was new like a dream.
The day slowly fading away,
White on hills turning orange.

Beauty still remained the same,
Fascinated by you, My lady
Day was never like this before.
Yes, it was new for me.
Suddenly, supply chain shook me.
Assembling all scattered points,
Realised the day more,
It was nothing like new, but a Dream.