Sunday, May 12, 2013

That's Me, She came for all the way.

Oh My Sunday of Summer,
Packed Surprises of You Stay Marked,
Never Been so Delighted to know,
But Steps ahead won't Come Easy.

She is girl friend of That Nerd,
But books, she has to talk with,
Pleasant Weather of Surprising Sunday,
Made Her lost all the way.

Busy nerd Grasped more of Science,
Little Heart of Mine kept Buzzing,
Name of Her, My Angel,
In hope of Beauty in My Arms.

Down the Town, she stands there,
the Weirdo din't show up again.
then She can't stay there Anymore,
and She has to look for someone, who she know.

with Moist in eyes, she kept on walking.
and I, on Next Street, moved for Better Sunday.
But at Crossroad, She got Me there,
Words of my Lips Fumbled again.

But She Has few better words to say,
"I came for you, Dear."
That's Me, She came for all the way.
That's Her, I don't have to wait for again.