Sunday, May 04, 2014

First Sight

In the dark of night, he was driving calmly. With classics on radio channel, Rachit hymned along, and Ayanna kept looking at the silence of streets. Lampposts were proving to be new path providers. In between these lights, the moon managed to show up out of the silver canopy. Some were walking back to their land of night; others were fighting the night for some shed. She watched them all, and he was still filling up the void of silence with hymns. She tended to share her day with him, on all nights, but not today. It was their first dinner out. Besides, eyes meeting a few hours ago, they talked only while placing the order. In the coyness of being together, she could not utter a word. He could not take his eyes of her.

A few turns and signals later, they would reach home. On the last turn towards the left, she saw an ice cream vendor. “Choc√≥ bar” she said finally. He shunned Kishore Kumar, looked at her for more detail and hit breaks at the corner. A breeze was passing through her hairs. To handle them, she rolled them into a bun. Those earrings were revealed. Her scruff created a motion of standstill for him. He might not catch her words, but he wanted silence to prevail for a while. “I will have a choc√≥ bar.” she said again. He sighed at her voice. He pulled out some money from the dashboard and rushed to vendor, she pointed. Weather played along, as the shinning moon hid behind the heavy clouds. He returned with two bars and drenched clothes. She instantly pulled her pink dupatta to wipe the forehead of her husband. He held her hand and kissed them. “I was waiting for your voice to command.” He said. She hid her face in coyness. It was Love at First Sight in the Night of shinning Moon hiding behind the clouds of Rain.